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For 4t the free lotus singlecylinder engine simulation is supposed to be quite good but like engmod it wants a lot of data to be gathered and entered. The exhaust port opens and combustion gas starts down the pipe at supersonic speeds. This will get you started by providing, for your engine, the dimensions of an expansion chamber with a 2 stage or 3stage diffuser. Those of us who have grown up in the japanese two stroke. Plot two concentric circles having the same center using the two radii r. My professional 2 stroke expansion chamber design software is more sophisticated than other programs that only use a few basic formulas. A performance exhaust system is a characterizing element for any internal combustion conveyance. This small java applet uses design rules according to, and, to size a tuned pipe for a 2 stroke piston engine. The inputs will be engine specification and the outputs will be pipe dimensions. Read my expansion chamber theory page to get a full understanding of how expansion chambers work and click here to read more of. Specificaly written for gokarts engines, but will do any 2 stroke. Exhaust tuning theory and system design weve all heard the magazines talk about back pressure and most of what they say is utter cac so how do we ensure we have a good, efficient, exhaust system bearing in mind that back pressure, any back pressure, is a. I got sick of the silly free programs and the expensive for sale programs and.

Forum to provide in depth discussion on various 2 stroke related topics that are not specific to one particular model or type of machine. But because of the limited worldwide activity in two stroke engine development, program sales were limited and further development was curtailed. The compromises in the 2 stroke design to be cleverly efficient in producing power pulses eliminates the opportunity to do the things. Buy 47cc 49cc 2 stroke engine pocket bike mini quad exhaust pipe muffler with expansion chamber. There are pipes and silencers for racing, recreation, quiet riding and even usfs approved spark arrestors. North american two strokes general two stroke discussion two stroke engine and exhaust design software this is the place to talk about anything related to two stroke road race bikes. So whether you have a 50cc road bike, a 500cc motocrosser or a classic racer, we will design the perfect exhaust. The calculations are assuming a speed of sound in the exhaust gas, which is not known exactly. The bendtech exh is specially designed to aid in the manufacture of exhaust tubingpipe. We will include automatic pipe squelton and cad support in order to have. Free 2 stroke exhaust expansion chamber calculator youtube. After our trial and test, the software was found to be official, secure and free.

By rayivers, november 5, 2009 in motorcycle engineering. Improve the performance of your two stroke engine now with these pre designed exhaust plans. Talk about tools, shop supplies, wrenching, and repairing. Method 1 and method 2 two and three stage diffuser. We also have a simple 2stroke expansion chamber design program. Engineering acousticssonic supercharging of 2 stroke. For introductory material on 2 stroke engines please see the following links. This will get you started by providing, for your engine. Defining the acoustic profile and influencing the powerband exhaust design is a more dynamic science than stringing together a few pipes and tacking on some mufflers.

Twostroke waveaction engine simulation motion software. New feature of racingsm software, the 2 stroke exhaust segment splitter. How to design a two stroke expansion chamber performance. Two stroke engine and exhaust design software page 2. Improve the performance of your two stroke engine with a torqsoft designed exhaust system.

He is a master pipe welder and has software based on the engine parameters that will make a pipe that will work. The official home page of our 2 stroke wizard tuned pipe. We shall send you a pdf document with the templates for manufacturing your exhaust. The exhaust design for this has been used to win multiple state and national championships, as well as the reed design now being used as the setup for all karts run in this. I got a few old two strokes that could use some exhaust work. Great tool for those who are building exquisite format exhausts, one of the largest benefits of this module is that it can be used with any exhaust formula results. We offer two stroke exhaust for all of the popular motorcycles and atvs. The objectives of this project are to study, develop and maybe sell a software for pipe designing. The cylinder pressure drops, and the fresh charge transfers thru the transfer ports, over the top of the piston, and out the. This is a residential delivery service, with deliveries monday through friday from 9.

The main interface of bendtech exh gives you the ability to recreate the critical components of a vehicle axles, mufflers, gas tanks, etc and then properly route the tubing around them. This coefficient kh is called the horn coefficient, with typical values between one and two. I am working on the exhaust right now and purchased the software, wondering if. Brakes, and other metalworking toolssafe work ethicunderstanding of 2 stroke enginesability to use expansion chamber design software.

The worlds leading 2stroke engine simulation software for 3. Calculates port heights from durations, or durations from port heights. Free 2 stroke expansion chamber calculator software update. That part of the overlap design is common to all 4 stroke engines in order to gain additional charging of the cylinder with fuel mix at high rpm.

Two stroke tuners handbook 2 another mistake commonly made, sometimes even by those who have enjoyed some success in modifying two stroke engines, is to believe in a kind of mechanistic magic. Two stroke engine and exhaust design software north. Many had crankcases that were not part of the induction system and they had intake vales but the exhaust was a port in the cylinder wall, most required a blower to run. Sometimes its just a little minor thing like a holed piston. The higher the rpm we design for, the greater the intake and exhaust overlap we build into the cam lobes. Dans motorcycle two stroke motorcycle exhaust pipes. Pdf improving the performance of twostroke motorcycle. Assign fixed relationships between transfers and exhaust port. Read my expansion chamber theory page to get a full understanding of how expansion chambers work and click here to read more of the details of this spreadsheet calculator. Split your calculated 2 stroke exhaust up to 42 sections with regular length or even more with irregular lengths.

Download it here go to the 2t exhaust calc menu item. Exhaust and intake tuning building, tips and techniques. Racingsm software 2stroke exhaust calculator lufo youtube. Follow the link to my software site and go to the 2t exhaust calc menu item and download either the stand alone program or a installer package. Here is the official description for 2 stroke wizard tuned pipe. So whether you have a 50cc road bike, a 500cc motocrosser or a classic racer, we will design the perfect exhaust system for you. He reportedly said youll know when you have the design right, because the chamber will then be impossible to fit on the motorcycle without having it drag the ground, burn. Design and simulation of twostroke engines gordon p.

I have done this before on a free trial of rhino5 and it worked well my free trial has now expired. I tried a few free ones, but the first attempt at making a pipe from those didnt work. Two stroke performance tuning chapter 3 porting and cylinder scavenging today, when we take a look down the cylinder of a two stroke engine, we find its walls literally filled with ports to handle the induction, transfer and exhaust phases of gas flow through the engine. It is also very good for expansion chamber designs. There are a few software programs available for 2 stroke simulations.

I am working on the exhaust right now and purchased the software, wondering if it did what it supposed to. Mota software, 2 stroke engine simulation software, 2 stroke exhaust design. Aussie twostroke engine invention motorbike writer. Two stroke design software the following are spreadsheets for different aspects of 2 stroke design modification.

I guess 2 stroke exhaust system design is all about tradeoffs, and i. I found most other software work on outdated blair and jennings formulas. Freeware 2 stroke expansion chamber exhaust calculator program. Two stroke engines often have a high powertoweight ratio, power being available in a narrow range of rotational speeds called the power. This program calculates the dimensions for both double and triple stage diffuser expansion chambers from a few basic engine dimensions. Bigger carburetors, higher compression ratios, altered port timings and expansion. For a 2 stroke engine the tuned pipe is the section of the exhaust system that begins at the exhaust port and ends at.

Mota software, 2 stroke engine simulation software, 2 stroke exhaust design mota and the new motax. A simple 3 stage two stroke exhaust calculator based on formulas of g. We now have a simple 2 stroke expansion chamber design program. In a twostroke engine, the end of the combustion stroke and the beginning of the compression stroke happen simultaneously, with the intake and exhaust or scavenging functions occurring at the same time. Free 2 stroke exhaust expansion chamber calculator. How to design a two stroke expansion chamber performance exhaust step 2. Download again and try again unless my mate comes back to me with the rhino5 software. The one i have been using is call mota, from ian williams tuning. Improving the performance of two stroke motorcycle with tuned adjustable exhaust pipe. If youre designing an exhaust pipe for your motorcycle project it could come in very handy to get it right the first time with little waste of materials and effort. Mufflers free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Small values of kh are best suited to grand prix engines with narrow power bands, larger. Pro circuit has built a reputation around our exhaust systems.